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Solfatara Laboratories, LLC provides testwork and process development services related to mining, resource recovery or waste treatment applications that are biology based, in some way involving bacteria or other microorganisms.

The lab specializes in, but is certainly not limited to, extractive processes such as metal sulfide biooxidation and bioleaching, as well as acid rock drainage monitoring or prevention and microbiological assessments.

Solfatara Laboratories, LLC provides both consulting and laboratory services.

Client interests might include:

  • assessing the amenability of samples from a new site to biooxidation or bioleaching
  • the extent to which gold and silver recoveries increase following biooxidation, neutralization and cyanide treatment
  • percent recoveries of base metals such as Cu, Zn, Co, and Mo from their corresponding mineral sulfides
  • assessing process or ground water quality for microbial leaching
  • assessing acid neutralization or consumption by samples during biooxidation or bioleaching
  • assessing the potential for development of acid rock drainage
  • requiring laboratory facilities and expertise to develop new microbial based resource extraction or remediation technologies

Testwork programs can be designed as scoping exercises or as more comprehensive efforts.

  • Scoping testwork programs are especially suitable for evaluating multiple samples or in cases of limited sample availability
  • Complete heap leaching programs will provide data for field piloting
  • Rigorous metallurgical quality control is imposed on all programs

Solfatara Laboratories, LLC does not represent or promote any particular technologies. Unbiased interpretations and recommendations are provided to clients solely on the basis of high quality lab data and years of experience.